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La Alegría y el canto


I have decided to put together on this new project, some of the artists who have lighten my life and make me be a better person and above all, a happier one. All of them I admire and from them, I learn.
The stories of Nicolás Buenaventura (Colombia), the voices of Pedro Guerra , Julian Bozzo (Spain), Georgina Hassan (Argentina) , Idan Raichel (Israel) Nano stern (chile), Guafa trio (Colombia), Jose Delgado (Venezuela) Liuba Maria Hevia (Cuba), the guitar and voice of Manu Sija (Argentina) the melodic of Franco Lucianni (Argentina) the piano of Cesar Lopez (COlombia), the marimba of Hugo Candelario (Colombia), the drums of Salvador Toscano (Argentina) the piano of Antonio Mazzei (Venezuela) and the unique point of view of Raquel Risa (Lola Vendetta). All of them plagued on the illustrations of Pedro Strukelj, make this album very different from my previous albums. The intention is to share with my audience a little bit of the giant joy that is to sing and to record with these artist. this recording it´s almost an excuse I´ve make to be able to get to hug some of my greatest friends, to whom otherwise, I am not able to see as frequently as I would want to.

1- tierra movida (Feat. Georgina Hassan) Argentina

2- la raíz (Feat. Guafa trio) Colombia

3- Celia (Feat Antonio Mazzei) Venezuela

4- Basilio (Feat Nano Stern) Chile

5- yo te espero (Feat Hugo Candelario) Colombia

6- Ritualitos (Feat C4 Trio) Venezuela

7- Un día (Feat Pedro guerra) España

8- Lo innombrable (Feat Raquel Ribba/Lola vendetta) Catalunya

9- Canta (Feat Manu Sija) Argentina

10- Mírame (Feat Liuba María Hevia) Cuba

11- Y si regresas otra vez (Feat Idán Raichel) Israel

12- Solo luz (Feat Franco Lucciani) Argentina

13- La mujer y el río (Feat Nicolas Buenaventura) Colombia

14- Canción alada (Feat Cesar López) Colombia

15- La melancolía (Feat Salvador Toscano) Argentina

16- Corazón de río (Feat Julián Bozzo) Argentina

17- Si me miras tu (Feat José delgado) Venezuela

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