The new era of music monetization

We tackle an unaddressed market

We focus on monetizing users from poorly monetized free plans and those who access music from illegal services.

We break the revenue gap

Thanks to our tokenized system, we can generate more revenue from free users than other competitors.

A disruptive model yet to be seen

We are the first to bring gaming strategies into the music industry and focus on fan engaged communities.

Welcome to the first free-to-play of the music industry

By bringing gaming strategies to the music industry, we address the Value Gap in the age of digital music streaming.

MonkingMe users generate revenue by interacting with brands. In return, they get rewarded with tokens, which they can exchange for premium features.


An excellent opportunity to grow your fanbase

MonkingMe generates revenue from every fan, even from those that access your music for free.


Meet our partners

We work with artists, labels, and distributors across genres and from around the globe. Below is a selection of some of our valued partners.

FugaSymphonicAltafonteSonosuiteClippersFresh TunesHorus MusicCreanautaKzooZndrkeCanadaDiskover